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Group Show

I See You See Me at Dougherty Arts Center

 "I See You See Me" (ISYSM) challenges conventional notions of LGBTQ+ identity, disability, illness, and neurodivergence. Created by 18 individuals between 2021-2022, this exhibition explores the power of analog film to break free from traditional image-production practices. Our exhibit aims to highlight the value and stories of individuals who exist beyond the mainstream norms of  Western society. Given the legislative setbacks faced by the LGBTQ+ community, especially in Texas, we were particularly grateful to host this celebration.


Begin Collective

 "This work is about home and partnership. These photos illustrate a transitional time period in my life, marked by lots of ups and downs but stabilized by mundane rituals. I focused on meaningful day-to-day moments with myself and my partner Nat, finding comfort in routines and fleeting moments. Passing the camera back and forth, myself and Nat were able to capture each other in vulnerable, intimate settings which mark our domestic space together. Through documenting routines such as daily walks, bathing, and grooming, I was able to preserve a specific comfort I find in the ordinary."

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Group Show

Unconquerable Women at Martha’s Contemporary

A group show supporting reproductive rights and access to safe abortions across Texas at Martha’s Contemporary Austin.

Artist Talk

Small, Miscellaneous, Occasionally Useful: A Conversation with the Artists of Junk Drawer

In this informal conversation, Mai Snow (MFA, UT Austin, 2020) joins the artists of Junk Drawer—Caddy Burns, Abby Johnson, and Sarah Stellman (BFA, UT Austin, 2020)—to discuss their thoughts on domesticity, personal objects and images, and the translation of these ideas into painting, print, and sculpture.

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Group Show

Junk Drawer: Three Person Show Opening January 30th at Visual Arts Center 

We live surrounded by things. In Junk Drawer, artists Caddy Burns, Abby Johnson, and Sarah Stellman honor the disorganized, lingering existence of the objects that populate our daily lives, providing a window into the mundane through paintings, textiles, and sculpture. These artists mine their personal and collective memories to create a visual shorthand, a usable vocabulary of symbols and emblems.

The resulting works speak to the influence of the objects that accumulate in our domestic spaces, pass through our lives, and mark our mental landscapes. Junk Drawer invites us to assess our relationships with domestic objects and spaces while considering how these familiar items function within the economy of our daily lives.

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